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Personal Information

Name : Kedric Salisbury
Age : 17 Years
Phone : (208) 695-7830
Email : kedric0016@gmail.com
Area : Boise, Idaho

About Me

Hi, my name is Kedric Salisbury. I am learning Software Development through personal studies and school. I am a passionate software developer that desires to solve issues through business oriented applications. Constantly, I look for opportunities to grow.

I am interested in a position where I gain experience and knowledge.


I learned each skill through school, Team Tree House, research online, or through personal study of wikipedias and online tutorials.

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June 2018 - Present

Software Development Intern Manager


Managed a team of developers. Lead and helped with projects. Developed using Python, Django, Vue.js, PostgreSQL, Google's API, and NLTK (Artificial Intelligence + Natural Language). Taught developers how to use the current system and develop in Python.

May 2017 - November 2017

Lead Developer

Solution Simplicity LLC

Managed and led a team of developers and game designers to create multiple servers. Utilized multiple APIs to create new game modes. Developed systems to manage databases between multiple java servers.

June 2018 - Present

Product Team Developer


Working for anywhere Boise State's Venture College needs a developer for their startups. Helping get startups with the necessary basic programming needed to properly start a business.

May 2017 - July 2017

Cyber Security Researcher

Boise State University

Researched innovative methods to manage database systems using noise data and order preserving encryption. Collaborated with a research team to write a published paper to explain our new procedures of inserting fake data into a database while returning the real data when queried.



Software Vulnerabilities

Boise State University

Learned about the vulnerabilities and exploits of software development. Taught by Dr. Xu at Boise State University.

2016 - 2019

Class of 2019

Timberline High School

Maintaining a 4.14 GPA


AP Computer Science

Timberline High School

Expanded knowledge of Java by learning sorting algorithms, object oriented programming, recursion, and data structures.


Advanced Computer Science Algorithms

Timberline High School

Gained experience with multiple projects: a simon says game in Arduino, a website for choir finances, and an intro to processing.

  • 2018

    Review Analysis

    Reply Pro

    Using the Natural Language Tool Kit, Google's Sentiment Analysis API and parsing, created a program to analyze reviews and sort them by positive and negative sentiment with topics classified using NLTK.

  • 2018

    Website Scraper

    Reply Pro

    Written in Python using Beautiful Soup to scrape websites.

  • 2017

    Semantic Data + OPE

    Boise State University

    A new method used to remove the threat of corrupted outsourced database administrators tampering or stealing the data. Approximately ten percent in the database is semantically generated fake data to minimize the chances of administrators stealing data. The function used to track the fake data is Order Preserving Encryption which encrypts using a key and can decrypt numbers from X-Y decrypting to the originally encrypted data. Paper located HERE.

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  • 2016-2018

    Timberline Finances

    Timberline High School

    A website written with Node.js, MongoDB, jQuery, and Pug.js to manage each choir member's accounts. The website allows administrators to withdraw/deposit money into each account.

  • 2017-2018

    Car Me

    Timberline High School

    A website to remove the problem of finding a ride to school/youth group activities. The system works in respects to how strawpoll.me generates new links each time a poll is created. Car Me generates a link to send to other people where they can join the car, until it is filled.

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  • 2016

    J&M Development Website

    J&M Development (Phaseos)

    A website for a programming group to manage their requests from clients. Each client could directly communicate with the developers and coordinate their projects.

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  • 2016

    J&M Discord Bot

    J&M Development (Phaseos)

    A bot that creates a channel for direct communication for clients to all of the developers in J&M. The clients request their own channel by typing '!request' or joining the discord server. When leaving or ending their project with J&M the channel automatically closes.

  • 2017

    Network Manager

    Personal Development

    A program that dynamically loads, opens, closes and deletes servers based in java (could potentially be replaced with any command line, continuously ran server). Developed using Java exectuion of bash scripts.

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  • 2015-2016

    Survival Gamemode

    Personal Development

    A java based minecraft server developed using Spigot. Using multiple methods of math, the world is separated into visible plots. To create special items with unbreakable attributes, reflection is used to access Minecraft's NMS (net minecraft server) code which is the link between the client and the server. Whole systems such as crafting, leveling, and abilities are objects being managed. Events are created and triggered to help manage gameplay elements.

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  • 2017-2018

    Moba Gamemode

    Solution Simplicity LLC

    A java based minecraft server developed using Spigot and Bungee. Spigot: Created multiple champions that inherit the Champion class properties. Developed a lobby manager that collects information via Bungee's messaging system to add all of the servers to a GUI. Bungee: Programmed multiple tools such as Friends, Parties, In-Game Editor, Chat, and Data Sync (see below). In-Game editor uses Java reflection to allow administrators to directly edit objects, even if the objects change. The changes are then uploaded to the MongoDB through Bungee's messaging system.

  • 2017-2018

    Data Sync

    Solution Simplicity LLC

    Allows objects to be changed (such as players) and automatically updated to both the Spigot and Bungee servers. The data involves parties, players, chats, and friends (see MOBA gamemode for more context)."

  • 2013-2015

    A gamemode created for a Harry Potter Minecraft Server. The main GUI is a cauldron with ingredients around it with a countdown timer until the potion burns. The ingredients must be placed in a certain order or the potion explodes. This uses multiple skills such as object management, async development, and file configuration.

  • 2018

    Simon Says

    Timberline High School

    Created in Arduino and with a Genuino board to flash lights and receive IR signals. The game was controlled by a remote and progressed as the rounds completed.

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Below are three recommendations from past teachers and employers.


Kedric was awarded to conduct summer research under my supervision in 2017 (in his sophomore year) through an NASA summer Research Experience for High school students in Cybersecurity grant (REH-Cyber) at Boise State University. Kedric is smart and very serious and enthusiastic on his schoolwork. Because of his outstanding academic performance, he was selected (five awardees in total) to participate in the NASA supported REH-Cyber program from a sizeable application pool. The research project we worked together was to study the completeness integrity protection for outsourced databases using semantic fake data, which has resulted in a conference poster presentation.

Holly Roisum, Lois Urizar, Kedric Salisbury, Megan Magette, and Jyh-haw Yeh, "Completeness Integrity Protection for Outsourced Databases Using Semantic Fake Data," Idaho Conference on Undergraduate Research, A Poster, Boise, Idaho, July 2017.

With seven weeks of summer research experience with him, I was amazed on his research ability. He did something beyond my expectation as a high school student. He can identify new problems and propose new approaches and is able to fully discuss his idea with me. I would love to work with him again if he applies our department at Boise State.”

Currently, Kedric is enrolled in my Advanced Placement Computer Science A class – a Java based computer science course. During the time I have known Kedric, he has proven himself as a gifted computer programmer and an overall extraordinary individual, truly one of the best I have known.

As a student, Kedric demonstrates a relentless desire to learn and expand his skill set. Only sophomore, Kedric has self-taught himself several computer languages, including Java, PHP, Javascript, and SQL. The assignments and projects he has submitted over the course of the year have been exemplary. They consistently incorporate techniques he has acquired through his self-study, and go well beyond what has been taught in class.

Kedric's gift as a computer programmer is balanced with his congenial personality, his humility, and his ability to cooperate with other classmates. In working with other class members, he is a strong team player. In discussions he is respectful and willing to listen to others yet, is introspective and open with his responses and contributions. Kedric's characteristics combined with a strong sense of maturity have made Kedric a leader amongst classmates and a respected individual among the staff at Timberline High School.

In short, I enthusiastically recommend Kedric Salisbury! Kedric’s talents far surpass that which can be communicated in my class or a simple recommendation. Kedric, more than any other student I have known, deserves this opportunity to express his passion and talent. Sincerely, Heidi A. Pluska Timberline High School

Letter 1 (for Angel.co): As Kedric's sophomore math teacher, I was able to experience his brilliance first-hand. Kedric has a natural disposition for STEM topics and hard-work. His performance throughout my course was remarkable as he often achieved perfect or near-perfect scores on all assignments and tests.

Kedric was not satisfied with his A+, though. He frequently pushed himself to understand the intricacies of the subject and explore its applications rather than simply reiterate the information he had acquired.

Kedric is a remarkable and intelligent young man who I recommend with the highest regard.

Feel free to contact me for further inquiry at kameron.yeggy@boiseschools.org.

Letter 2 (for REH): It is my pleasure to write this letter recommending Kedric Salisbury to the Boise State University STEM program. Kedric has been a student in my Integrated 3 (Algebra 2) course for the entirety of the 2016-2017 school year. Kedric has continuously demonstrated an aptitude and passion for the applications of mathematics within STEM fields as presented in class.

Kedric ranks as a top performer in my course due largely to his intuition for math, ability to problem solve, and strong self-motivation. He attends class daily with a positive attitude and consistently pushes the limits of his mathematical understanding by extrapolating content to self-learn. Kedric also demonstrates leadership and his exceptional understanding by acting as a mentor and tutor to his classmates.

In summary, I would highly recommend Kedric to any organization to which he applies. He possesses a level of intrinsic intelligence, sensibility, and dedication uncommon to individuals of his age and will surely succeed in whatever endeavor he may pursue. If you have any questions, please contact me at my email address below.


5562 East Felly Rim Court.